About Us

The CCSU School of Business Student Advisory Council serves as a liaison between the School of business student body and the School’s administration.  Also, we are a support collaborative for the university’s business clubs.  The Council is composed of student leaders from business clubs on campus as well as general body members.  Membership is open to all School of Business Students and meetings are open to anyone to voice their opinions and concerns to the council which are brought to the attention of the administration.

Our Commitment to the Administration is to:

  • Assist in advancing the school’s policy directives
    • Participate in planning and implementing the School’s 5-year strategic plan by voicing our opinion, being involved in decision making, and gathering and disseminating information to the student body
  • Report student concerns and suggestions to the administration
    • Host on-going student-administrative meetings
    • Represent students at the bi-semester Business Advancement & Advisory Council (BAAC) meetings

Our Commitment to the Students is to:

  • Encourage growth and active participation in business organizations on campus
    • Host a membership recruitment fair, known as the Business Club Palooza
    • Provide a business club support collaborative for clubs to greater leverage resources and share ideas
    • Ally corporations with business clubs
  • Be a voice of the students to the administration
    • Allow membership to any School of Business Student
    • Provide channels of communication for students to easily express their thoughts to us (e.g. open forums or on-line blogs)