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        Business clubs are incubators for professional growth opportunities. The SAC is committed to ensure clubs grow in numbers, acquire resources, and provide high quality programs and benefits for Central’s students. Growing organizations into centers of academic & professional excellence are an acute goal of the SAC.

Encouraging Membership Growth - Recruiting Services

        SAC hosts a recruiting fair for the business clubs each year known as the Business Palooza. The 2010 Business Palooza is September 16, 2010. Come out to learn about a business club that may interest you and find out how to get involved! Enter in free raffles, receive free giveaways, and enjoy live music.

Ensuring Membership Sustainability and Leadership Growth Opportunities – Distinguished Officer of the Year Award

The Central Connecticut State University School of Business Student Advisory Council (SAC) Distinguished Officer of the Year Award recognizes business club officers whose leadership has made extraordinary contributions in advancing innovative strategies to improve opportunity and excellence in their business club.

History and Purpose

The School of Business Student Advisory Council Distinguished Officer of the Year Award was established in 2010 as an endowed annual award to encourage leadership and innovation in Central Connecticut State University’s Business Clubs.

The purpose of the award is to foster better methods to improve business club quality and sustainability. This overall purpose can be advanced through various strategies and approaches, including innovation and leadership in the following areas.

Effective and Efficient Club Management

        •    Developing a sound organizational structure

        •    Planning and organizing meetings and events

        •    Utilizing resources efficiently

        •    Maintaining and broadening networks

Dedication to Membership Continuity

        •    Improving member participation

        •    Improving member persistence and retention

        •    Developing meaningful benefits for club members

        •    Improving access to academic and professional growth opportunities

        •    Ensuring leadership growth opportunities

        •    Strengthening civic purposes

        •    Crediting members in their successes, contributions and efforts

Candidates should have demonstrated innovative leadership qualities that have improved the quality of their club, yet be at a stage in their careers when they will still make significant contributions in the future. The award is meant to encourage and support those seeking sustained improvements in their business club. In addition:

        •    Candidates should have demonstrated, through activities that have been implemented, innovative                leadership qualities that have been central to the achievement of substantial improvements in their business club.

        •    These improvements should benefit students by enhancing opportunities for learning, and, wherever     possible, should lead to more effective use of resources.

        •    The actions described should involve the cooperation and collaboration of additional individuals and/or organizations.

        •    These accomplishments should further the overall purposes of the award.

Eligibility and Nomination Process

To be eligible to receive the SAC Distinguished Officer of the Year Award, the candidate must meet the criteria specified above and;

        A.    Function as a Business Club Officer for at least one complete year

        B.    Not have previously received this award

Selection Process

The selection process convenes during the second to last meeting of the spring semester. A panel of discussion is held to first select 10 candidates, and then eliminate prospects by one, until the award winner is chosen. There is a Runner-up Award.

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Message From The President

The International Association for Business Communicators’ (IABC) members, Justin DiMarco, Jana Baseel, Allison Grella, Robert Hokunson, and Amanda Shultz, pictured above running their recruiting booth.

Live entertainment by July Sun.

Economics Club President, Michael Boratko, points out the commotion at the Accounting Society’s booth. The Accounting Society raffled away a $2300 scholarship, t-shirts and concert tickets.